We here at The SuperHappy Trivia Challenge are celebrating the end of an extremely successful first season of Asheville’s only live, comedy, variety, game show thingy. After performing at or near capacity for the past several shows, we are taking a short hiatus in September but will return to the stage this October 12th 2016 in a new home. After spending a wonderful year at Asheville Community Theatre’s 35Below, we’ve discovered that we have quickly outgrown the space. To that, The Trivia Challenge will be relocating to the River Arts District for its new home at Magnetic 375!!! With the move will come more space to allow our unique blend of comedy, trivia and ninjas to grow. Also, more parking.

While the move will allow us to develop the show further, audiences may rest assured that we will continue to showcase Asheville’s strongest comedic talent answering questionable questions written by questionable people. Just look at the talent that has graced our panel over the past year:

Betsy Puckett: Lazoom, LYLAS, and a bunch of other awesome stuff
Kristen Aldrich: Anam Cara, Accordion Time Machine, and No Regets Improv
Jeff Catanese: Artistic Director for Attic Salt, Director for this year’s Bernstein Family Christmas Spectacular
Allen T Law: Blacklist Improv and others
Samantha LeBroq: Transplanting
Rodney Smith: Director of Magnetic 375’s Capitol Liar
Barbie Angell: Local poet and social media celebrity
Tommy Calloway: Founder of The Feral Chihuahuas

Plus many, many more…

We look forward to another year of offering one of the most unexpectedly funny shows in Asheville.

The Lowdown for 2016:
October 12th
November 9th
December 14th
Future dates will be announced in the coming weeks

The SuperHappy Trivia Challenge was created by Adam Arthur with help from Troy Burnette. The duo host the show on the (mostly) second wednesday of the month at Magnetic 375. The Trivia Challenge is a freeform game/variety show featuring Asheville’s top comic actors and personalities answering ridiculous questions devised by its creator and host, Adam Arthur. If that weren’t enough, The Trivia Challenge is proud to showcase live music from The Amazing SuperHappy One-Man Band, Anthony Willingham!

Since its premier one year ago, the show has steadily built a devoted audience resulting in performances at or near capacity. Folks return month after month to see what madness may occur.

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