By David Brendan Hopes
Asheville Premiere/February 1-17

A coming-of-age story about a pair of boyhood friends from Asheville-based playwright David Brendan Hopes (Washington Place and
Uranium 235) — the intense, intellectual Cleve, and easy-going, athletic Jesse. As the pair take a camping trip in the mountains, young Philomela watches the play of their flashlights in the forest, and imagines she is seeing the love of her life. She is, but which one? Winner of the 2017 NC New Play Project.

By Honor Moore
Directed by Michael Lilly

World Premiere/February 22 – March 10
In the wake of personal and political devastation after the 2016 election, a group of dedicated “survivors” band together in Asheville, North Carolina. Mismatched, underfunded, and unprepared but committed; they look to make the difference in the local lives that have been upended in the new political landscape. Fiery, funny, and touching, this comedy about the heroes Asheville deserves is the first play by Asheville area actor and playwright Honor Moore.

written by Rebecca Gilman
directed by Andrew Gall
Regional Premiere/March 15-31
Luna Gale is athesuspenseful and captivating story of Caroline, a veteran social worker, and the infant; a baby named Luna Gale,  that she is desperately working to save.  Stuck in a system where sometimes the right decision isn’t clear, and the clear decision isn’t right, Caroline’s determination to save Luna forces her to make a risky decision with potentially disastrous consequences.

By Brenda Lunsford Lilly
Directed by Andrew Gall
Asheville Premiere/May 3-19

Its 1962, and Nora and David Helms have the perfect marriage, the perfect home, and all the right friends. Everything is…. Perfect. Or is it? Brenda Lunsford Lilly’s searing and provocative re-telling of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is provocative and shattering.

Written and Directed by Rodney Smith
World Premiere / May 24-June 9

The world’s most powerful super-villain has begun his master plan to take over the world. Can a couple with a secret, their disaffected daughter, her clueless fiancé, and a snarky waitress save humanity before it’s too late? Or will they simply decide on the perfect recipe for a sweet tea and call it a night? Let your geek flag fly high with this comedy of superheroic proportions!

By David J. Eshalman
New production of a Magnetic Theatre Classic/June 21-July 7

Set in 1617 Jamestown, on the eve of Pocahontas’s fictitious North American tour, The Witches’ Quorum follows the struggles of Mistress Hibbins (the witch-lady from The Scarlet Letter) and Cassy (the slave-woman from Uncle Tom’s Cabin) as they attempt to flee their oppressive surroundings and arrive in the mythical land of Croatoan, where they believe they will find freedom for all witches. Disturbing and bleakly funny, The Witches Quorum had its world premiere at The Magnetic Theatre in 2011.

By Karen Saari
Directed by Andrew Gall
World Premiere/August 23-September 8

Mark is a recovering alcoholic, a few months into sobriety and living in his small Wisconsin hometown. Pam, his high school girlfriend has returned home and is helping her parents deal with the sudden passing of her younger brother Jerry who was found dead on a local roadside just a few months prior. Police have failed to determine what happened. Haunted by Jerry’s death, cautious of their tenuous re-connection; Pam and Mark must rise above the things that have held them back in order to move on. Winner of numerous awards, The Magnetic Theatre will present the world premiere of this breathtaking work by first-time playwright, Karen Saari.

By Madelyn Sergel
Directed by Katie Jones
North Carolina Premiere/September 20-October 6

A brilliant, creative teenager with autism and his family are all in the special needs trenches as Pierce fights to balance his fascinating inner reality with getting over the hurdles of daily life. At turns hilarious and touching, Madelyn Sergel’s vibrant heartfelt play is an inspiring challenge to look at.

Written and Directed by Jamieson Ridenhour
World Premiere/Opens October 11-27

An old house with new owners, strange neighbors, unexplained tombstones in the backyard…. What could possibly go wrong? (Hint:
Everything.) Asheville writer/director Jameson Ridenhour returns to the Magnetic with a haunting play with a haunting twist that you
will never see coming.

Adapted by Andrew Gall & Megan Powell (from Moliere)
Directed by Andrew Gall
North Carolina Premiere / Opens November 1-17

What would happen if rock titan Joan Jett fell in love with Justin Bieber ? If Dave Grohl languished for Selena Gomez? Something
would hit the fan(s), to be sure. In this new verse adaptation of Moliere’s classic, Alceste is a brooding rock musician who rages against the big music industry machine–but loves and pursues an empty-headed self-absorbed but pretty pop icon. Punk-rock divas, rappers, promoters, critics, hipster-douchebags, and dancers fill this world, one not unlike Moliere’s milieu, the 17th-century court of French King Louis XIV. Sharp and immediate, The Misanthrope hilariously scrutinizes the fine line between art and commerce, honesty and censure, love and hate.

November 29-December 22

An ideal family celebrates the holidays with booze, sex, recreational drug use, and a complete lack of shame or propriety: The
Bernsteins. An Asheville Holiday staple!