Past Shows

As the only theatre in the Southeast that produces all-original work, each of our shows has been a premiere exclusive to The Magnetic Theatre. To learn more about each of our shows you can click on the links below, or email us at if you would like to know more.

The 27th Annual Bernstein Family Christmas Spectacular! (December 2010)

When Jekyll Met Hyde, by Steven Samuels (January-February 2011)

The Songs of Robert, by John Crutchfield (March 2011)

Ruth, by John Crutchfield (March 2011)

The Labyrinth, By John Crutchfield (April 2011)

The Family Tree, by Lucia Del Vecchio (May 2011)

The Witches' Quorum, by David Eshelman (June 2011)

Fix, by John Crutchfield, Lucia Del Vecchio & Julian Vorus (July 2011)

The Last Laugh, by Steven Samuels (August-September 2011)

Shangri-La, By Lucia Del Vecchio (September-October 2011)

Rock Saber, by Julian Vorus (October-November 2011)

Brief Encounters: New Magnetic Voices 2011 (October-November 2011)

The 28th Annual Bernstein Family Christmas Spectacular! (December 2011)

Solstice, by John Crutchfield (January 2012)

The Evolution of Woman, by Lucia Del Vecchio (March-April 2012)

Love Among The Frankensteins, by Steven Samuels (May-June 2012)

Brief Encounters: New Magnetic Voices 2012 (June-July 2012)

Landscape With Missing Person, by John Crutchfield (August 2012)

MILF: The Musical, book & lyrics by Lucia Del Vecchio, music by Holiday Childress (Sep-Oct 2012)

Evening the Score, by Steven Samuels (Oct-Nov 2012)

The 30th Annual Bernstein Family Christmas Spectacular (Nov-Dec 2012)

Sex And How To Have It (Jan-Feb 2013)

The Strange & Tragical Adventures of Pinocchio, by John Crutchfield (Feb-Mar 2013)