Beer, and How to Drink It!

Beer promo photo

The Magnetic Theatre Taps Into Asheville’s Hottest Topic with Sketch Comedy World Premiere of


Only 8 performances! $10 student rush tickets available, with ID, 15 minutes before each performance.

January 7-16, Thursdays-Saturdays, at 7:30 PM ($21 online/$24 at the door)

January 15-16, Friday-Saturday, at 10 PM ($16 online/$19 at the door)

Has beer taken over our fair city? Will there soon be a brewery on every corner? Will the City Council end up in the pockets of Big Beer? Will Asheville eventually drown in a flood of beer and tourists engineered by the Convention and Visitors Bureau? These and other matters of social and political import demand serious attention, which is just what they won’t receive when The Magnetic Theatre toasts the new year with its latest comic creation, Beer and How To Drink It!

The loons who uncorked the smash hits Sex and How To Have It and Food and How To Eat It have aged a special brew for you in bourbon-soaked oak barrels, tapping the kegs of inspiration and draining them to the dregs. Once again, the intoxicating ensemble of Scott Fisher, Katie Langwell, Valerie Meiss, and Glenn Reed will down pints of direction by Magnetic Theatre Artistic Director Steven Samuels, and all contribute material, along with head writer Lisa Yoffee, who keeps things hoppy.

Copious quantities of the nectar of the gods have been sacrificed to the cause of making you laugh. And because neither man nor woman lives by beer alone, don’t be surprised by the appearance of such other local, delectable potations as wine, moonshine, and sake.